Planning a Special Event ? Need a Hand?

Lahore Bistro Catering wants you to enjoy your guests while our catering staff serves the cuisine. We often feel, catering can be somewhat overwhelming for new clients. There are ways to simplify your catering and save money doing it. But with literally hundreds of delicious Pakistani food options, spanning dozens of menus, it can be tough to determine where to start. That’s where Lahore Bistro Catering comes in to simplify those decisions for you.

A good place to start is to understand the different types of catering. Each type has a slightly different type of planning, pricing, and ordering procedures. Once you can narrow down to one of these, it will help simplify your menu choices, while also saving you time and money on the ordering. Here are the two general types of catering to consider.

Wedding Catering

We understand most banquet halls around Dallas area do not provide serving staffs for external caterers, we all Desi’s are familiar with it. We provide trained serving staff that takes care of everything from serving hot food to clean up afterwards on your special Day.

At Home or Private Event Catering

Need an extra set of hands for a dinner party? Our private event catering staff makes every at-home affair seamless.

Know Your Guest CountKnowing your guest count before you call to get an estimate will help you better budget and eliminate confusing and unnecessary menu changes at the last minute.

Decide On Your Delivery Method – most people think catering only comes one way, but a good professional caterer will offer you up to 3 different ways to have your food delivered including:

  • Pick Up: you pick up the food at Lahore Bistro’s location.
  • Drop Off: One of the most common, where we simply deliver the temperature controlled food in disposable containers (foil trays, etc).
  • Full Service Buffet Setup: For buffets and banquets you may consider this option as Lahore Bistro will prepare the tables and food serving area including setting up commercial chafers along with disposable glasses/cups, tableware, etc. and professional serving staff to serve the food and clean up afterwards.

Remember, there is nothing we want more than to provide you amazing food that fits both your event and your budget. The more information we have, the better the job we can do to make you Stress Free.

Lahore Bistro Offers

Choice of Chafers for Buffet Set up

If you desire a perfect Buffet set up we proudly offer you to choose the style of professional Chafers to be used in your event according to your taste and persona.

We offer 3 types of professional Chafers for Buffet setup.

Economical Chafers that provide professional presentation and serve the purpose well.

Executive Chrome mirror finish rectangular Roll top Chafers for large spaces.

Contemporary Chrome mirror finish Home Style round roll top Chafers.